Curriculum and Class Activities

The curriculum is designed for the development of the child: For the physical, cognitive, moral, aesthetic and spiritual welfare.

For the discovery and development of his/her special interests aptitude and abilities. To provide opportunities for initiating and carrying out his/her own enterprise whenever possible.

Classes VI to VIII Upper Primary

Subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, G.Science, Social Science, Computer Education, Bengali.

Activities: Art, general knowledge, Work experience.

Classes IX to X

Subject : English, Hindi, Mathematics, G.Science, Social Science, Computer Education, Bengali, Music, Manipuri.

Activities: Art, general knowledge, Work experience.

Higher Secondary Section (Classes XI & XII)

Adm. To class XI takes place of the result of the H.S.L.C. Exam every year, probably in the month of May/June. There are four sets of unit Tests and Terminal Examination. Children are assessed on the basis of their performance by the above said test.

Registration, Admission & Withdrawal

• Admission from class VI takes place from January onwards subject to avail-ability of seats after admission test. The school reserves the right to admit the pupil to a class suited to his level.

• Pupils who have attended other schools will be admitted only on producing a transfer Certificate.


The school uniform is compulsory for all students. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards come dressed neatly and well pressed to school as per the prescribed uniform code of the weekdays.


Every pupil is expected to have 100% attendance. In case of illness or absence, due to unavoidable reasons, parents are expected to submit a formal leave application. A medical certificate must accompany the leave application in case of illness role of parents. Active cooperation of parents is sought in all matters pertaining to the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development of students. Parents must visit the school on ‘open days’, as per schedule and meet the respective teachers to keep themselves updated on the performance and well-being of their child.

School Hours

9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Office Hours

The school office remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on all working days.

Co-Curricular Activities and work Experience

Co-Curricular Activities and work Experience.

The school offers the following Co-Curricular activities. Participation in these activities is compulsory for every student.

Upper primary

Classes VI to VIII Recitation, Quiz, Science & Social Science projects, Dramatics, Music- Vocal, Dance, Flower Arrangement, and Painting.